How Socialbakers Work For Your Business

In what ways is your brand aligned with your current business direction?

Socialbakers is a social media analytics tool to see the performance of all accounts, like your main social media or your competitor. How about followers growth, engagement rate, frequency of posts, top posts, everything is complete. Although it’s more expensive than other analytical tools, it’s $240/mos for the Essential, but it’s worth trying, you can analyze the data and makes a strategy to grow your social media business.

Socialbakers enables the user to schedule content publisher for the day, month, or year, no matter how long is it, it’s detailed and clear, it’ll help to schedule your content include the image in one page.

You can also write for approval, the content published for audiences with the help of the AI to decide what’s the prime time to publish your content, and your content can achieve the desired result in impression and engagement.

After the content posted, you can also learn from the statistics in the Socialbakers dashboard, including the metrics to analyze (such as AVG interactions per post, number of page posts, user activity, share of interactions and etc) it will help you to get inspiration for new content ideas or strategic planning for future content posts. You can see the insights of your posts here, information like this will be useful if you want to grow your business to target the right audience that you have the data to correctly structure your ad campaigns and to incorporate a “call to action” or CTA, it should be relevant and short to achieve conversions from your audience.

This is the User Activity Overview per day and hour

This one is AVG Interactions per Post

Not only that, but you can also discuss, organize, and share the latest assets for content and ask for approval from the higher management (or clients that use your services), and you can find or search the best influencers related to your business, is that all there is to offer? No, but you can also be targeting your audience, with their specific interests, gender, age, location, and it will help you understand your audience. If you can get specific data, you can try researching your competitors to see what topics they cover.

Socialbakers usually also issue special digital marketing reports for Indonesia every month, and you can search from other countries in the world (Singapore, Netherlands, Australia, and many more), you can search by country, industry, media type, and more, just write the keyword you want to know, and they will work automatically for you. This data will make it easier for you to discover the kind of deep competitive information from other brands, businesses, or competitors.

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